Do you or does someone you love have breast implants? Do you know the health of your implants? Do you know the health of your breasts?


Breast implant care doesn’t end after your first post-operative appointment with your surgeon. You need to make sure that your saline or silicone implants and your breasts remain healthy after breast augmentation surgery. Augmented breasts should be evaluated every year to ensure that the implants are stable and the breasts are healthy. Unfortunately, many doctors—even those who care exclusively for women, such as gynecologists and internists—don’t have the knowledge base to determine the health of breast implants and the surrounding natural breast tissue.


Women who have breast implants should be monitored yearly by experienced cosmetic surgeons with extensive knowledge and concern for breast health and implant function—experts who perform routine assessments, preserve breast and implant health, and correct any problems. is a reliable, centralized source of patient information about breast augmentation surgery and follow up care. Explore our website to learn more about why implanted breasts should bemonitored regularly and to find out how we can help you. Participate in our landmark study of women with breast implants and find out how you can get an MRI to monitor your silicone implants for just $600by visiting our ongoing research section.

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